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Patrice Leconte Presents a Full-Length Film «Le magasin des suisides»

A famous French director Patrice Leconte (The Girl on the Bridge, Monsieur Hire, Intimate Strangers, The Man on the Train, A Husband of the Barber, Happy and Tanned and Mockery), filmed his first full-length cartoon Le magasin des suisides. The motto of the animated film is: Your life is a disaster. Die successfully. It is a black comedy about the crisis in society, in which people have lost their taste of life, so that even pigeons decide to kill themselves.

Animated by Patrice Leconte - Shop for suicide - 1

The only successful person in such a situation appears to be the owner of the shop, where everyone may choose the way he wants to die – buy a tasty poison or aromatized soap for the rope. Suddenly, in a family of a prosperous businessman, a full of joy boy was born – the tale comes to its end.

Animated by Patrice Leconte - Shop for suicide - 2
‘It’s not a justification of the suicide and it’s not a mockery at all. That’s the way the world is – a story about the crisis in society, where people lost the sense of life. Afterwards, joyful Alan appears, he is only 8, but he is able to make the sadness vanish, so that people become interested in their lives again. It is a modern tale, so to say, reflection of the modern society development. I like it immensely’ – shares the director.

Animated by Patrice Leconte - Shop for suicide - 3

Patrice Leconte admitted that he likes to work with animation genre more and more. Now director is about to start his work with the full-length film entitled Music!, which budget is 20 million dollars. The story depicts adventures of fearless Nina, a girl who finds herself in the ultimate universe, where mysterious powers have destroyed all the music. A great devotee of singing and dancing, Nina decides to protect the music and gathers a group of like-minded people ready to fight.

Animated by Patrice Leconte - Shop for suicide - 4

Animated by Patrice Leconte - Shop for suicide - 5

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