History of Odessa animation studio (in pictures)

The studio was situated in the basement of the student palace named by Dzerzhinsky (in past – south-Russian Agrarian Bank) where there was cinema club “Dolphin”. Victor Timkovsky founded this cinema club was contributor the foundation of animation studio. And it started. And it started… The “fathers” – founders of studio: Yuriy Greenevich, Sergey Cheban and Eugene Bugaev. In December 1992 studio started creation the feature-length cartoon in Ukraine -- “In Alkhoks’ country”. During this project many talented people became animators and cartoon creators. The working place become too small, and studio to moved to the Odessa film factory. Odessa film factory become the native home. Time was passing and the studio was working and working… Till creation the animation film the studio became big unanimous team.
The famous persons from cinematography become closer. We were living, working, having holidays with cartoon heroes. Finally in September 1995 at the animation festival “Krok-95” was the debut of first feature-length cartoon “In the Alkhoks’ country”. The audience and animation experts were happy to watch this cartoon. Aleksandr Tatarskiy (studio “Pilot”) also liked our work. After that we became partners  and friends for a long time. Odessa animation studio thankful to Aleksandr Tatarskiy for the devotion to animation. The producers, directors, places were changing, but animation studio still was one big team. The location of the studio had changed – cinema “The star”, communal apartment on Deribasovskaya street, the cap factory on Bolshaya Arnautskaya street. Everything was done to stay faithful to animation. The inspiration was taken from everywhere, even from the world revolution. Yuriy Simonov like Karl Marx, Victor Sorokin like Friedrich Engels, Oleg Hei like Vladimir Lenin.
In 1996 we made friends with the creative team “Maski”. There was created the animation serial “Maski show”. This serial took the bronze medal at the film festival “WORLDFEST-98”, Houston, USA. This event inspired the studio for a long time. Odessa animation studio having fun and work like real professionals. Even when the 1st of April in city. It’s easy to work when you love your profession.. We made interesting presents for birthdays. Composing and sing our songs.
Everyone has sense of humour. Altogetheк repaired new office for the studio. Sometimes we joke about director. Summer 2006 - animation studio moved to reconstructed film factory. At film factory there were many artists, one of them Vladimir Vysotsky. Genius director and writer Aleksandr Dovzhenko also worked at film factory. Vasili Shukshin the famous actor had debuted at film factory.
Gennady Zbandut - legendary director at Odessa film factory. Animation is a hard work. Cinematograph and animation unite many different people. Spiritual hetman of Odessa animation studio - Walt Disney. Eugene Bugaev - head and director of studio, 2006 Yuriy Greenevich - main artist, creator, 2006 Snezhana Buzhanizha - art director of backgrounds, creator, 2006 Alexey Khitrow - visual effects supervisor, 2006
Oleh Hei - 3D-animator, web designer, creator, 2006 Sergey Cheban - designer, creator. Head of "GRID-Agentur fur visuelle kommunikation", (Nuremberg, Germany), 2006 Eugene Bartsytskiy - author, script writer, journalist, 2006 Aleksey Nikolenko - 3D animator, creator. 2006 Elena Skripnikova - key animator. 2006 Pavel Nosach - key animator, 2006 Elena Medvedeva - key animator, 2006
Valery Krets - animator, 2006 Anna Popsyiko - animator, 2006 Anna Skripnikova - animator, 2006 Natalia Antoniyk - animator, 2006 Igor Chumachenko  -animator, 2006 Andrew Pismichenko - animator, 2006 Georgy Georbelidze - animator, 2006
Elena Telepan - operator of computer painting, 2006 Olesia Dylko - operator of scanning, 2006 Anna Malneva - operator of scanning, 2006 Wings of studio - parrot Shurik, 2006 Julietta Afanasieva - Julia - our soul, 2006 Winter at Odessa animation studio in 2009  was extremal. Animation studio was the only one leaseholder at film factory. Without warm and electricity, but with faith in our forces team worked. Studio bought oscillator of electricity. Every day Eugene Bugaev took gasoline on his motorbike, it costed per 150 hryvnia per day. We burned fire and cooked potatoes, drinking some tea in glasses. 10th of August 2010  genious and talented director of animation, dreamer, ukrainian Disney, good friend, artist, founder of Odessa animation studio -  Eugene Bugaev left us. He had big contribution in animation, studio he founded continue creation animation clips, develop and become well-known in animation world.
Spring 2011 Vladimir Nigniy our friend and producer of animation studio had come to Odessa. Together we were working in project "Fikriye" - music animation for turkish band “Bashir”. Working with soul and inspiration studio, created kind and incredibly heartwarming cartoon. Storyboard of animation clip "Fikriye" (squares which crossed out - means scenes ready). Light box  - work space of animator. Animation creates here. Background - the lowest layer, an environment of cartoon where characters move. Vladimir Nugniy - creative producer of animation studio feign walk of junkman from cartoon “Fikriye”. Photographed by Oleh Hei. Odessa film factory, 2011 Artistic search - combination of the junkman image and flat in turkish style. Animation “Fikriye” for Turkey. We sheltered a little owl, which fall down from the nest. Studio took care and feed him. He got name Busha.
Summer 2011 Busha grown up and flew away to built his own family. Rareness in animation studio - poster of cabaret-duet “Academy” (Lolita Milyavskaya and Alexander Tsekalo). There is a signature on poster - “Thanks from the best artists from Kiev to the best animators  from Odessa!” It was signed after the studio created animation “Ya obidelas’”, 1998. Today these artists  from Kiev work separate, both of them have their own project in Moscow. Work in process - director Yuriy Greenevich explains the artist Snejana Buzjenitsa what had to be drawn. Art director, creator of backgrounds Snejana Buzhenitsa. 2011 Key animator Valeriya Krets, 2011 Animator Anna Popsyiko, 2011 Film editor Alexey Dylko, 2011
Animator Anastasiya Dylko, 2011 Working process, brainstorming - group of creators elaborate an idea for new cartoon. “The hero comes from that place” - Yuriy Greenevich, Alexey Dylko and Alexey Khitrow. Working process, brainstorming - group of creators elaborate an idea for new cartoon. It should be funny. Alla Vavilova, Yulia Perekos. Yuriy Greenevich, director of studio in working process - searching an animation character. It quite difficult. Yulia Koval’chuk - talented artist, creator of backgrounds. Working place of animator, Odessa Animation Studio - 2011 Sequences, working scenes waiting for animators.
Except work, studio have parties with friends. Good party with fire. Delicious, aromatic and succulent  shish kebab. Animation, movie and dance. Yuriy Greenevich, Aleksandr Dutov and Alexey Gilko. Yuriy Greenevich - director, animator and Eugene Bartsitskiy - author, script writer, journalist. Winter 2011 Guru of cinematography Alexander Mitta and the studio (from the left Valeriya Krets, Yuriy Greenevich, Alexander Mitta, Oleh Hei, Maks Aksentiev, Georgy Georbeitse). Odessa film festival, summer 2011 The head of jury at Odessa film festival, Jerzy Stuhr. Waiting for the master class.
Director, producer Valery Todorovsky answers the questions after master class. Odessa film festival. Summer 2011 Odessa animation studio meets guests from “space” - Dmitry Dyuzhev (“The Space”), Summer 2011 Director, animator Yuriy Greenevich “flying” to international animation festival “Krok-2011”. Studio coming for meeting international animation festival “Krok-2011”. Press conference of international animation festival “Krok-2011” included prize winners. Prize winners and guru of international animation festival “Krok-2011’, cinema “U-cinema”, autumn, 2011 Gurus of animation (from left to right)  Eugene Sivokon, David Cherkasky and Yuri Norstein with Odessa animation studio Alla Vavilova, Valeria Krets, Georgy Georbelitse, Oleh Hei, Sergey Sofiyak and somewhere director Yuriy Greenevich. International animation festival “Krok-2011”, cinema “U-cinema”, autumn, 2011
Yuri Norstein - creator of “Hedgehog in the Fog” in company of Odessa animation studio. International animation festival “Krok-2011”, cinema “U-cinema”, autumn, 2011 David Cherkasky creator of animation “Treasure Island” and “The Adventures of Captain Vrungel” in company of animators. International animation festival “Krok-2011”, cinema “U-cinema”, autumn, 2011 Animation director Eugene Sivokin’ creator the animation “The Adventures of Vakula”, “The tree and the cat” talking to press attache of animation studio Alla Vavilova. International animation festival “Krok-2011”, cinema “U-cinema”, autumn, 2011 Ivan Maksimov director, animator (from the lear) and animators from Odessa - Yuriy Greenevich (in the middle) and Oleh Hei (from the fight). International animation festival “Krok-2011”, cinema “U-cinema”, autumn, 2011 David Cherkasky creator of animation “Treasure Island” came to Odessa animation studio. Guru of animation watched some studio’s cartoons and gave professional advice, saying that studio create good animation. “Do not create animation for festivals, create your own animation”.(c) autumn, 2011 David Cherkasky creator of animation “Treasure Island” came to Odessa animation studio. Oleg Yelagin editor, 2011
Odessa animation studio uses brand new technologies for creating animation. For example, plasticine from soviet union. Using plasticine it’s possible to create almost everything, even cartoon. Director Yuriy Greenevich using plasticine created model of roller coaster to show 3D animators how  they should create the way for heroes. Sometimes it’s not so easy to explain the artist the task using only words. Animation clip “Underwater world” for theater “Zolotoe koltso”. Moscow, Russia. Elena Skripnikova - animator.   In order to be on time with project studio does its best. Oleh Hei paints the sequence. Eva Yatt and Alexey Khitrow decide another animation task. Black and white character and coloured one. Programmer Maks Aksentev works.
Assistant and director Aleksandr  Dutov from film section. Lubov Pultcho - animator. Anna Akhmatova at the studio.   All together we brave and do not afraid of everything. From left to right director Yuriy Greenevich, dancer Alexey Gilko, animator Yuriy Botsuliak, composer Eduard Tsiselsky, animator Oleh Hei. November, 2011 Studio has warm relationship. From left to right Alexey Gurov, video engineer Alexey Dylko, animator Snezhana Bushanizha and editor Alexey Khitrow. Staying between two Aleksey you can make a wish. In general, when we create cartoons we became actors. From left to right: animator Sergey Sofiyak, director Yuriy Greenevich, editor Oleh Yelagin, PR manager Alla Vavilova and editor. 29th of February 2012 Yuriy Greenevich smoked his last cigarette.   Animation icons: Walt Disney and Eugene Bugaev.
At studio there are new computers, monitors - everything is working good. Aleksey Khitrow - “dinosaur” of animation. Editing is really important for animation in general. It’s a kind of magic for animator, editor because during this process everything gets together. Official photo of animation studio, but many animators are missing. Summer, 2011 Web-designer and animator Oleh Hei creates new site. Vladislav Borzik animator, Harry Potter at studio. There is a few minutes of 2D animation, 1 second of animation includes 25 drawings. It sence of classical animation.