Animation studio based in Eugene Bugaev 1991


The full-length cartoon «Legend of Tripole»

The full-length cartoon «Legend of Tripole», teaser

The full-length cartoon «Legend of Tripole», tornado

  • Studios: Odessa Animation Studio in conjunction with the «Animagrad Animation Studio»
  • Country: Ukraine
  • Genre: Animation, Comedy, Adventure
  • Duration: 74 minutes
  • Language dubbing: Ukrainian
  • Director: Yury Grinevich
  • Scriptwriter: Sergey Zarev
  • The idea of ​​the cartoon: Eugene Bugayov Yury Grinevich, Oleg Gay
  • Development of characters: Andrei Chernenko, Yury Grinevich
  • Producers: Egor Olesov, Alex Males
  • Description: Our ancestors, Trypillians, peaceful and hardworking people, suddenly faced with an external threat - the invasion of aliens. Tribe of nomadic robbers, led by the cruel and cunning leader, invades the land Tripoli to conquer, plunder, to impose a tribute to eternity. Those who were farmers, become warriors, who was the head of the community and an elder become generals, and the shepherds, fishermen, hunters, all Trypillians, from the old to the young, rising to protect their native land and their families.

Анимационный сериал «Легенды Триполья» | Подростки - Карасик, Елана, глыба и Ямша

Animated series «Legend of Tripole» | Teens - Karasik, Elena, Gliba and Yashma

Анимационный сериал «Легенды Триполья» | Вариации мамонтов

Animated series «Legend of Tripole» |  Variations mammoths

Анимационный сериал «Легенды Триполья» | Поросёнок Шкварик и трипольский дед

Animated series «Legend of Tripole» | Pig Shkvarik and Trypillian grandfather

Анимационный сериал «Легенды Триполья» | Пример художественного решения пространства

АAnimated series «Legend of Tripole»| An example of the art solutions space

Back in 2007, the director-animator Eugene Bugayov, artists and animators Yury Grinevich and Oleh Hei came up with the idea of "Legends of Tripoli" cartoon.