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The history of animationThe history of animation - here we will tell you how to get started first animators or multiples of the world: from the primitive technology drawings on rocks, stop motion, film technology to modern computer technology production animation.

World animationWorld animation - here we will tell you about the world's leading animation studios and animation, about the people who have made a huge contribution to the art of animation. History of studios, location, interesting facts etc.

Studying 2D animationStudying 2D animation – 2D animation is the basis of motion – reborn. Here we will exhibit and discuss lessons for animators of various levels of difficulty. Let's start with the laws of the animation, the pendulum movement, gait, running, emotions, plastics, cycles of motion, perspective, and to the complex emotional scenes with the articulation of the character.

Studying 3D animationStudying 3D animation - is the modeling of objects, characters, the surroundings, texturing and animation with 3D Editors: Autodesk Maya, Max, ZBrush, cinema 4D and many others. It will be published on the basis of the lessons of studio work and projects, and in our opinion the most interesting 3D lessons online.

Animator advisesAnimator advises - it is invaluable creative and practical experience animators. Starting on how best to organize the workplace animator – light table gather to trade secrets, tips and subtleties of animation production. Also here you can see the best master classes by leading animators of the world and discuss it together.

Study drawingStudy drawing - it is step by step lessons, how to draw cartoon characters, animals, dragons, explosions. But the most important - is the ability to draw and come up with their own, different from others, the character. From the simple to the complex. So that take your fancy, pencil, eraser and paper - go! Your imagination has no limits!

Animated termsAnimated terms - professional word describing a particular process of creating a cartoon. Want to know what: brainstorming, synopses, animatic, straw, Storyboard, tracing, flicker, frame, background, layer, creative background, storyboard, post composing, mix straw, knead the scene and many others? You are opening a Pandora's Box our animation!

Useful infoUseful links - Here we are collecting a database of animation studios, film studios, online animation schools, directors, writers, animators, artists, animators, artists, comic book artists, painters, photographers and other creative people who share his majesty - Cinema!